About Us

Petroleum Logistics offers petroleum additives for the international petroleum industry and has over 20 years of experience to its credit. Our petroleum additives range covers - Antioxidants for diesel, gasoline and biodiesel, visible colourful dyes, petroleum markers, fluorescent petroleum dyes and invisible petroleum markers.

We are a flexible and customer focused company providing a first class customer service. We aim for world class performance by understanding and serving our clients, by continuously improving quality, health and safety, protecting the environment, and optimising the supply chain.

Our Expertise

Petroleum Logistics offers products specifically developed for fuel that keeps clients safe. We offer a wide variety of dyes and fuel additives for national and international petroleum markets designed to meet current legislation. In addition to our colour matching capabilities, we also offer a fast track service of unique products tailored to meet our clients´┐Ż needs and specifications.

We have been actively involved in the transport industry worldwide with our transportation fuel logistics capabilities, such as competitive fuel transportation and transportation security products. Our main clients are oil companies, transport companies and fuel terminals, local governm ents, police forces and the military.

Our range of dyes and markers has been designed to meet national fuel marking legislation and customer requirements throughout the world.

Our Capabilities

Petroleum Logistics offers products developed by its own Research and Develpment centre. Our teams of engineers, chemists and customer support experts continuously develop and commission new products and processes to help meet customer needs in a dynamic market place. We offer cost effective, high-speed reliable solutions that help identify and tag fuel for fraud detection.

We work closely with our global network of agents and distributors to provide excellent technical and commercial local support to the end users.

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