Performance Additives and Anti-Oxidants

Performance Additives and Anti-OxidantsOur Antioxidants are highly effective in jet fuels, gasoline and diesels. They are manufactured to meet petroleum refinery requirements as per grade of refining.

Their basic objective is to stabilize fuels, prevent oxidation in lubricants, and the polymerization in gasoline that leads to the formation of engine-fouling residues. The recommended dosage level is 2-3 liters per 10000 liters of petroleum product.

We have developed a comprehensive range of additives:

  • Diesel Stabilizers
  • Fuel Antioxidants
  • Biodiesel Antioxidants - for rape seed oil and soybean oil-based biodiesel
  • Diesel Lubricity Improver

Biodiesel Antioxidants

Biodiesel AntioxidantsOur range of Biodiesel Antioxidants is very effective on biodiesels made with a specific percentage of rape seed oil, soybean oil, palm oil and vegetable oil. The recommended dosage level in this case may differ between 3 to 14 litres per 10,000 litres of biodiesel or 300 - 1400 ppm per litre of biodiesel.

We have expertise in customising a biodiesel antioxidant as per the quality of the biodiesel and we accordingly recommend a suitable product for exclusive stability.

Petroleum logisitcs range of Antioxidants is comparable to Albermarles Ethanox 4733, Ethanox 4737 and Ethanox 4740. Our Research and Development team is constantly researching and designing new types of products in order to continually extend the pallet of products offered to our valued clients.

Lubricants Antioxidants

Lubricants AntioxidantsOur range of lubricant antioxidants help enhance thermal stability, reduce sludge formation and improve lubricant performance, extending the life of lubricants in any application.

They also reduce thickening and inhibit acid formation in a variety of products, including engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, industrial oils, as well as compressor oil and gear and hydraulic oils.

Pour Points Depressants (PPD) for Lubricants

Pour Points DepressantsAlso known as PPDs, pour point depressants are polymers designed to prevent wax crystals in lubricants from agglomerating or fusing together at reduced ambient temperature. PPD's role is to improve low temperature flow performance. If lubricants are not adequately protected with pour point depressants, the flow characteristics can be adversely affected, which may have a negative impact on engine performance and protection.

Our range of Pour Points Depressants (PPD) help improve low temperature flow performance, and increase engine capability for easier starting, less engine wear and longer engine life.

Selection of PPD depends on the lubricant base stocks, the additive package and the viscosity index improver used in a formulation. Pour Points Depressants (PPD) are a critical performance element in today's lubricants and we work closely with OEMs to keep abreast of the real life operating conditions.


Our dispersant agents are added to lubricating oils used in automotive engines to prevent the accumulation of varnish-like deposits on the cylinder walls. They are also added to gasoline to prevent the buildup of gummy residues.

Fuel Antioxidants

Fuel AntioxidantsOur fuel antioxidants can be used in all petroleum-based fuel, from gasoline, and jet fuel, to diesel and kerosene.

They extend storage life and protect fuel systems by increasing resistance to oxidation. They also act as oxidation inhibitors in biodiesel, a renewable alternative fuel.

In addition, they help reduce gum formation, the main cause of poor combustion by forming deposits on the injectors and pistons. Excessive gum can also lead to fuel-filter plugging.

ISO 9001:2000 certified products

All our products are ISO 9001:2000 certified products and have:

  • High concentration
  • Long term physical and colour stability
  • High quality, low impurity

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